For over 25 years Santa Sophia Church has provided a Catholic preschool experience for our children.  Many worked on the parish-owned house on the corner of Bonita and San Juan to get it ready to begin classes in September of 1984.  We began with two classrooms – which we quickly outgrew – so the garage was converted into our third classroom.  In August 2008 we moved into our wonderful new facility.

preschool_buildingOur facility is licensed by the State of California.  We are the first licensed Catholic preschool in the San Diego area and we have an outstanding reputation.  Our goal, and desire, is to provide excellent care and instruction.

Our teachers have been with us for many years and they provide a warm, loving and caring environment with guidance and developmental experiences appropriate for the young child.  Children under our care are allowed to experiment, explore, discover and develop at his or her rate.  We believe that our environment should encourage children to be creative and to make choices.

Our program offers a God-based, safe learning environment for children.  Our curriculum is planned around the interests and needs of the young child.  Preschool is an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions and prepare children for what will occur in elementary school.  We support their social skills: cooperation, self-control, confidence, independence, curiosity, empathy and communication, as well as help develop many other skills that are foundational for transitioning into elementary school. Once these basic social interactions and group behaviors skills are in place, the child is more able to concentrate on academics.

The underlying principle of our program is a dependable routine.  The daily and weekly routine follows a consistent rhythm. Our atmosphere is home-like. God is a daily part of our program.  We emphasize creative learning through music, story time, singing, cooking, play acting and outdoor time, plus many other activities. The goal is to develop the child emotionally and physically as well as intellectually.

Each year we have a Harvest Sing at Thanksgiving time and a Children’s Sing at Christmas time.  At the end of each school year we have our Annual Children’s Art Show.  The artwork displayed at our art show is the work of the children currently participating in our program.